Friday, January 20, 2012

A New Race for the Deep

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So I stumbled upon this clip from MSNBC and I wanted to quickly highlight the race that is quietly going on to revisit Challenger Deep, as well as to provide affordable vehicles to access the deep (which I see as the biggest obstacle right now in underwater exploration). I've known about Virgin Oceanic for a while and their plan for reaching Challenger Deep, and I was impressed with their slick sub design, more of a cruising sub than a scientific sub, one built for distance travel.

     But this was the first I had heard of Triton making an attempt to the bottom (I had only known them as a luxury, recreational sub maker). I have to say, their design may not be as sexy, but it looks cheaper to produce and more practical to the marine scientist. Anyways, I am following these stories with interest (and yes, with jealousy) and here's hoping to another renaissance in deep sea technology. On a similar note, I will discuss Underwater habitats and different underwater breathing mechanisms later.

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