Saturday, June 16, 2012

I haven't had time to update since I just got internet yesterday, so I'm going to skip over a lot.

Flight into Rock Sound, Eleuthera was very cool, the sandbanks in the sound making some really cool shapes.

Dorms for the interns here are small and are ovens which absorb heat from the constant sun. Since the research lab I am working at, CEI, is making attempts to be self sufficient from other power sources, there are only poorly working fans to offer any help.

last night all of the interns and the teachers affiliated with CEI's environmental education branch, the Island School, went to a party a couple miles south of the lab. All interns are given bikes, so we rode down to a delicious BBQ grill session and rode back at 11 on the main highway in eleuthera - two cars passed us. Heat lightning was blinking on overhead coupled with the bright night sky to make an awesome 30 minute ride back to campus.

Today we transferred some of our Cobia from our wet lab to our offshore aquaculture net. We have around 1500 individuals to transfer, going from tank to tubs on a truck to more tubs on a boat before we can release them in the water via a long tube. We had to transfer each fish one at a time from the boat to the cage, which took forever and was painful as Cobia have sharp spines on their back which tore up my palms as I transferred them. Hopefully we will finish next week.

Hopefully will get some pictures of the island and the lab up sometime early next week.

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