Monday, June 25, 2012

Yesterday we interns took a break from the CEI campus and headed "down island" (actually north) to visit the rest of Eleuthera. We first stopped at a cave thirty minutes away from campus, formed by the weathering of limetsone to form a formation called Karst. The place looked exactly like the cave in the first scenes of  Raiders of the Lost Ark. Pictures are below (this will be a photo heavy post).
The coolest part was definitely the roots entering the holes in the ceiling of the cave and descending around 30 feet to the floor.

  We next headed over to Governor's Harbor, about another hour north. This once was the home of the Eleutheran Adventurers (protestant pilgrims sent to colonize under Cromwell), a pirate stronghold of the Bahamas, and later the de facto capital of the Bahamas for a couple of years. Nothing significant from these eras remain, but it is still a beautiful little town.

  After eating lunch in Governor's Harbor we visited an old Naval Base a couple minutes north of Governor's Harbor that was abandoned when the Bahamas gained independence form the UK in 1973. One building had been (was still?) used as a Voodoo shrine after the abandonment, evidenced by the paintings on the wall and the offerings of empty alcohol bottles. In short, a very creepy place that I would not like to visit at night.

The Caribbean
Lastly we visited a formation called Glass Window to the north of Eleuthera. At this point the island narrows down to only a couple hundred feet wide, and at one point a bridge has to span two points because it gets so narrow. The Atlantic to the east is a dark cobalt and crashes into a series of impressive cliffs sculpted by the water, and from the cliffs the land slopes rapidly in a few hundred feet so that it falls slowly into the tepid turquoise Caribbean. The rock here, also limestone, has been weathered into what is called locally "death rock," which I can only describe as razor-sharp rock that has been weathered into a swiss cheese design.
The Meeting of the Atlantic and The Caribbean

Add a little fog and you have a passable backdrop for Frierdrich's Wanderer above the Sea of Fog

Glass Window Bridge

An example of Death Rock

Another Death Rock example

Lastly, I managed to take some High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos of the various places I visited.

Glass Window

Glass Window Bridge

Voodoo shrine in naval base

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