Monday, July 16, 2012

So apparently our boathouse mascot, Henry the Pigeon, is a racing pigeon. He showed up one day at the boathouse and hasn't left since, following people around and sleeping in the rafters. We didn't know where he had come from until recently when our boathouse guy Jason learned that phone numbers on racing pigeons were often inscribed underneath the back feathers, so he caught Henry and called the number he found. Apparently Henry belongs to a gentleman in Leeds, England, and Henry had last been seen racing from France to Leeds in what I guess are pigeon races. As far as we can tell he got blown off course and presumably stayed aboard a ship until he reached the Bahamas and showed up at our doorstep. Pretty amazing stuff, he's traveled over 4,000 miles  . He is very friendly and we can even feed him from our hand, as I am doing in the video above. We are not sure if his owner will pay to have him shipped back to England; if not, we get to keep him.

Here are some pictures from when we took some Island School students diving on the cage a couple weeks ago, you can see the amount of big fish that are attracted to the cage.

Students feeding the Cobia through the mesh, Yellowtail Snapper looking on

My hair turns into luscious locks when I dive apparently

Students scrubbing the cage of algae, a freediver at ~50ft, and me photobombing

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