Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This just got posted today, a video documentation of our Cobia movie - really great, you can see me starting at 1:20. Since there aren't captions, I can summarize what is happening. At :04 you see the juvenile Cobia in their wet lab tank waiting to be transferred, and at :14 we begin to add Clove Oil as a mild sedative. At :34 the Cobia are transferred from their rearing tanks to two blue transport containers aboard a truck, which is then driven to the marina at Cape Powell. The Cobia are then transferred from the truck (:54) to our biggest boat, also named the Cobia. The boat is then motored out to the cage about a mile offshore, and we prepare to send the Cobia down into the cage. At 1:07 you see divers preparing to raise the cage, as the axis of the cage contains an inflatable bladder that can be inflated to raise the structure up. At 1:20 we begin to scoop the Cobia from the totes on board to a tube that drains into the cage, and they pop out at the other end into the net!

All is going well now in the cage, we are feeding them around 3 kilos of feed daily, and scrubbing the cage of algae to increase water flow through the cage. They bite a bit when you stick your fingers through the netting!

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