Sunday, August 12, 2012

Well two months have passed...I leave for Washington tomorrow bright 'n early. It has been an incredible experience to intern down here in Eleuthera seeing some amazing animals, beaches, and people. In the course of my internship I transferred one thousand juvenile Cobia from three tubs to a huge fish cage two miles offshore, gathered data on reef fish and invasive lionfish populations, logged exactly 50 dives to give me a grand total of 96 (four short of professional ranking), swam in some of the most absurdly blue water I have ever seen (better than any photo), eaten my share of delicious conch fritters and the special Eleutheran Mac 'N Cheese, spotted sharks and eagle rays, punched an over-inquisitive grouper and barracuda on the same dive, and met some amazing people.

   Things I am looking forwards to when I get back home:
  • Air conditioning. I cannot stress this enough
  • Junk food (BBQ, pizza, greek food, french fries...)
  • getting ready for college
  • seeing my family!
  • many others...

Things I am not looking forwards to leaving:
  • Almost daily dives
  • a dorm that is about 10 feet from the ocean
  • the water...
  • amazingly friendly locals
  •  Eleuthera in general...
It has been an incredible experience that I am glad to have taken a part in...I apologize for the infrequent blog updates, sometimes the daily ""grind" here seems not worth reporting, but looking back there is so much I could have written about. The blog will revert back to just a general blog about some of my thoughts on various marine topics...feel free to unsubscribe.

I look forwards to being back home!

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