Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Photography

Coronula diadema, the Humpback Whale Barnacle. We found several of these on the beach on Sheep Island by the dead juvenile whale. I'm astonished as to the size these crustaceans have been able to grow within the short (1-2 year) lifespan of the juvenile whale.

Looking down the cavity of the whale barnacle with my hand for size
A Yellow Warbler hatchling in a nest that is part of Jackson's project on juvenile-parent vocalisation interactions.

A very cool Thomisidae Crab Spider feeding on a Noctulid moth on a Mountain Ash flower cluster

 Long Horn beetle, Evodinus monticola, on another Mountain Ash flower cluster

Gulls aren't supposed to perch in trees. They do on Kent Island.

An accurate representation of what it's like to be harassed by gulls. Almost no zoom was used here.

A cocky male Savannah Sparrow

Lazy Sundays justify some photog sessions to get my mind off of my project. Just a few of the pics I snapped on the northern end of the island.

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