Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Kent Island day 9 and Building Stuff

One of the best parts of field work is, in my opinion, building the tools you need to gather data. For my fouling organism project, I will be using settlement plates based after the contraption sent to me by the UConn PhD student consisting of PVC pipes and PVC plates ziptied to the pipes. It's quite fun working on this, especially when you have to improvise since materials aren't usually obtainable until the weekly boat to Grand Manan leaves, and even Grand Manan often doesn't have the materials you need (They don't have the T-joints I need for the PVC diameter I am using!). Also, it's a great view from our workshop!
Science in action! The master settlement plate I am trying to copy my plates off of.

Nice view. Also, it is almost 9 o'clock in this picture - it isn't truly dark here until 10:30!

My humble attempts on the first two settlement plates

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