Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Tempest

I guess it's only appropriate that the day after I finish reading The Tempest that Hurricane Arthur should suddenly decide that the southern edge of Nova Scotia is not the most ideal vacationing spot and swing up northwards to smack right into Grand Manan. Thankfully, these tropical systems lose a bunch of their punch once they hit colder water (in our neck of the woods, a tail of the cold Labrador Current) but we had to deal with up to 60 knot wind gusts (70mph), possible stronger, right on the cusp of a category 1 Hurricane. Waking to the entire outbuilding where I sleep shaking on its cinderblock supports was not a comforting alarm call. The day was spent huddled inside the main building eating, reading, and watching the souterly and easterly winds tear the tops of swells off. One of the more exciting occurrences was a particularly strong wind gust tearing a wall off of another outbuilding (where thankfully I was not staying). You could see people's gear and beds from the outside. So an exciting 45 minutes were spent doing some emergency wall repair - it's not exactly watertight now but at least you could call it a wall. The storm abated and rewarded us with quite a spectacular sunset. And while I lost 8 settlement plates in the storm, bringing my lost total up to 10, I still have 110/120 in the water, so overall damage was minimal. Looking forward to some more sunny skies this week!
Surf on West beach and at the Mustache (our name for the poorly described "Eastern Ledge"). It was much more impressive with the wind howling about. This is at about 3/4 the maximum intensity we had.
The mustache today, tranquil as ever

East Beach looking south to huge rolling waves being torn up in the wind

Gulls not looking particularly happy

Calm after the storm

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